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We have a comprehensive line of fast, accurate, lightweight handheld portable dew point meters and benchtop moisture analyzers from Phymetrix. Our bench top dew point meters are the only analyzers with a built-in vacuum pump to allow sampling from low-pressure sampling sources.

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The Model 973 Dew Point Mirror is a portable instrument equipped with an integral measuring head for both spot and continuous measurement of Dew/Frost point and temperature in air and gas mixtures. Based on the chilled mirror principle, the 973 ensures direct …

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SSi DP2000 The DP2000 is a simple but highly effective portable dew point analyser used to optimise the air:gas ratio and trim settings on endothermic generators and carburising furnaces. It is commonly used for CQI-9 daily endothermic generator and furnace atmosphere checks. Using the included chart, operators can easily verify the control variable (carbon potential CP% or dew point) and make

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The SERIES RHP-E/N Wall Mount Humidity/Temperature/Dew Point Transmitter is the most versatile room transmitter on the market. The stylish housing is well vented to provide air flow across the sensor to improve measurement accuracy. The humidity and the dew point are measured using a capacitive polymer sensor that completely recovers from 100% saturation.

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2019-4-5 · When it comes to monitoring compressed air systems, nothing offers a better payback than a dew point sensor. If you have ever had moisture build up in your system, you''ll know the problem emerged days before you discovered it, and took even longer to dry out after it was fixed.

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2017-9-21 · Dew Point Mirror 973 Reliable Measurement The Model 973 Dew Point Mirror is a portable instrument equipped with an integral measuring head for both spot and continuous measurement of Dew/Frost point and temperature in air and gas mixtures. Based on the chilled mirror principle, the 973 ensures direct and accurate humidity measurement.

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Phymetrix manufactures dew point meters, moisture meters, dew point transmitters and hygrometers for portable and online measurement of trace moisture in gases using the most advanced nanopore ceramic oxide technology for fast accurate measurement.

Portable Dew Point Monitor Model 8072A

2018-5-3 · The 8072A dew point monitor is used to check the function of a desiccant dryer or to confirm the dryness of plastic resin in a hopper. The monitor has a built-in vacuum pump which draws sample air to be measured and provides real-time indiion of dew point …

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2017-3-29 · The dew point sensor is a “dielectric ceramic” that varies its electrical capacitance with changes in relative humidity. The dual RH/temperature sensor is mounted in a short probe which in turn is installed in a “T” fitting that allows the sample gas to flow pass the sensor.

Model DP 2000 Portable Digital Dew Point Analyzer

2016-11-19 · SSi Super Systems Inc. Product Manual - Model DP2000 Portable Dew Point Analyzer SSi Manual 4545 – DP2000 Super Systems, Inc. Page # 4 of 17 Revision Level “F” (800) 666-4330 Heat Treat Furnace Sampling: A gas sample may be extracted from a process using the built-in pump.

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2005-5-1 · A full-range dew point sensor is capable of handling dew points from >100°C to as low as –70 °C The gas sample contacts only inert materials: a glass or quartz lens, a Teflon O-ring, and a stainless steel housing and metallic condensation surface. Among the inert mirror materials are gold, chromium-plated silver or copper, and titanium nitride.

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Its primary method chilled mirror sensor provides precision dew/frost point temperature measurement in a robust, transportable package. Simply attach the sample line, adjust the flow with the integral flow meter and turn on the power. Within minutes you Dew Point Accuracy: 0.4500 +/-F; Dew Point Range: …

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The Model 973 Dew Point Mirror is a portable instrument equipped with an integral measuring head for both spot and continuous measurement of frost/dew point and temperature in air and gas. Based on the chilled mirror principle, the 973 provides fundamental, drift free and precise humidity measurement. Simple to Use and Minimal Maintenance

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The dew point analyzer uses a highly accurate Capacities Integrated Thin Film Water vapour sensor and is an economic alternative to the chilled-mirror dew point analyzer type Meters. Dew Point Meter analyzer utilizes eedded micro control based circuits to give a direct – read out in dew point analyzer or other units and other units

Portable Dew Point Monitor 8072PPE E

2017-10-27 · The 8072 Dew Point Monitor is ideal for checking the operation of a dryer or confirming the dryness of plastic resin in a hopper. The monitor draws process air from the dryer or hopper into an internal manifold containing a sensor which provides dew point measurement. SPECIFIIONS: Dew Point Range-40 F to +15 F (-40 C to -9 C)

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2017-8-10 · Pressure dew point : -20 ℃ Purge air :5% -Purge air auto-control,built-in dew point sensor -Dew point,Pressure and temperature digital display on screen -Biteman self-design microprocessor control system -Full functions touch control-Friendly interface for easy operation-Constant Pressure dew point

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2019-4-26 · Products & Services. Miniature size dew point transmitters DMT143 and DMT143L are ideal choices when you want to measure dew point accurately in small Read more. Coined Pressure, Humidity and Temperature Transmitter PTU300 A reliable basic outdoor humidity sensor for a pole or wall installation. Dew point, wet bulb and enthalpy

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2017-5-7 · Humidity and Dew-Point Instruments OptiCal Accessories and Spare Parts 0.25kg (0.55lbs) desiccant (orange) A000171 ø18.5mm (0.73") Blind stop A000200 Drying module A000240 Water bottle A000242 PRT sensor A000243 Door kit with 5 ports.

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2013-8-7 · The Nova 207 Series Portable Dew Point Analyzers have been designed primarily for accurate dew point measurement of exothermic and endothermic heat treating atmospheres. The dielectric polymer sensor provides stable and accurate dew point measurements and is not affected by most gas compositions. See below for exceptions. A built-in sample pump

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Dew Point Sensor/ Meter/ Testing Equipment. Appliion The optional built-in pump for gas source of positive pressure and negative pressure 3. Data backup, data recovery 4. Actions menu in English 5. AC / DC power supply, easy to carry ethylene sensor dew point sensor probe humidity dew point.

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2011-4-5 · The DewMaster Dew Point Hygrometer (Figure 3-1) is a microprocessor based, programmable humidity measurement instrument with many microprocessor controlled features built-in. Using the highly accurate Optical Chilled Mirror (OCM), primary dew point measurement technique, the DewMaster was developed for process control

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2019-4-15 · PGA620 type portable carbon dioxide analyzer for industrial field intermittent or continuous monitoring of C02 concentration, safety design, optional built-in pump, is the perfect choice for a variety of appliions, not only can satisfy the general purpose, can also be used in dangerous environment.

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2016-6-21 · purposes and a rugged sample pump make up the components for the filter system. DPC3500 The DPC3500 is used to continuously measure dew point in low range (less than 0 F) appliions. The remote sensor is mounted in the gas stream to ensure that industry required dew point specifiions are monitored for appliions using Hydrogen, Nitrogen

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2018-7-31 · ※3 The sensor unit is also available for the coating. Please inquire us about the kind of the causticity gas that can be measured. ※4 It is used to measure a dew point temperature that is higher than the room temperature. It becomes specifiion when the factory is shipped because it becomes built-in to the sensor and the control part.